In my talks, I always say that it is never too late to learn. With enough motivation and effort, we can change things in unimaginable ways. Even those in which we have always been clumsy, that we feel are not for us; gifts life didn’t provide us with. That is what music was for me. An unattainable desire. I was out of tune, didn’t have a rhythm, couldn’t play an instrument and hadn’t even heard a lot of music.

Some years ago, wanting to be able to sing and play the guitar with my most beloved people, I decided to become the subject in a new experiment. Test, in my own body, everything I had touted about learning and our amazing ability to change. On my side I had a grasp on learning to learn. I knew how to weather the storms of despair: to persist with effort, without diversions in the space of search and with good teachers to guide a deliberate practice. After some years of guitar, composition, singing and musical production practice, I arrived at this album, which, for reasons stated above, I titled Experimento.

It has been an unprecedented journey to a surprising, magical and unconventional place. Music is not so different from science, it’s all about exploring limits, finding shapes and patterns. But it has the wonderful ability to unite and sync us. Like in any good journey, in this initiatory adventure to the land of music I traveled with people I love dearly, so the album became an intimate field trip full of emotions.

When I wrote my first song, I felt it was the most extraordinary melody ever made. I know it isn’t, of course, but just like with good optical illusions, rational conviction can’t erase the magic of perception. It is very rewarding to work in something we perceive with such love, with less judgement and with the candid pleasure of children’s games. That is how I’ve felt this journey, its first stop being the eleven songs of this experiment.