retratos verbales

People displacement has been an ordinary process all around the world since long time ago. Wars, discrimination, economy, religion, ideology, racism, etc., are only a few reasons due masses of people leave their countries, roots and relatives and look for another places for living.

Argentina is considered an immigrant country; it had big immigration processes and still is receiving people mostly from bordering countries, Asia and Africa. In the other hand, recent facts in the Middle East have generated a huge displacement of Syrian refugee’s to Europe. In Buenos Aires and Linz cities people are aware of new faces that appears in the streets. This “sudden appearance” is the very experience of the otherness.
Who is it? is the main question everybody makes in front of the presence of the other. It is a topic also developed in social cognition studies today.
Verbal Portraits aims to capture such an “otherness encounter” in both cities by means a participative proposal adapting methods for social judgments studies used in the neurosciences

«Verbal Portraits».
by Mariano Sardón and Mariano Sigman.